History of Cash Mobs

Participants in “cash mobs” pick a store, then flock to it in droves to pay full-price to support a local business in need.

People have been asking me recently where I see Cash Mobs going. I’ve never been a good judge of how successful this movement was going to be – at our first mob, we wanted just one person who we didn’t know to show up, and that was how we were going to judge our success. We never, ever could have predicted that things would take off like this. This whole ride has been thrilling and crazy and incredible, and we’re incredibly thankful for it.
Andrew Samtoy

The first Cash Mobs sprung up in Buffalo and Cleveland around the same time last fall. The organizer’s intent was to provide a financial and morale boost to a local business owner while giving the Mobbers the opportunity to meet new people during the events.
Arthur Mullen

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