Baguio Cash Mob Rules

Cash Mob Rules

Here are the rules we’ve developed for running cash mobs. These are just suggested rules. Feel free to change them and let us know if your changes are better and why they work. We’re always interested in variations and suggestions.

1. The mob date must be announced at least a week in advance via Twitter.

2. The location at which to meet will be announced, but not the specific business to support.

3. The amount to spend will not be more than P200, although people can spend more if they wish.

4. The business must have products for both men and women.

5. The business must be locally owned and independently operated.

6. The business owner must give back to the community in some way. Like allow the posting of a Save 182 poster on their establishment.

7. The business owner must approve the Cash Mob before the mob is announced.

8. The business must be within one block of a locally-owned watering hole. Optional.

9. Cash Mobbers must join us for celebratory drinks after the successful mob. Optional.

10. The cash mob will occur during the evening on a weekday or on a weekend. Cash Mobbers shall choose a slow day for the establishment to boost sales.

11. Pictures will be posted to the website after the Cash Mob.

12. Parking or public transportation must be available. Walk or commute to get there as much as possible.

At the mob, there are three rules:

Spend P200;
Meet three people you didn’t know before;
Have fun!

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